VerbQ is the result of the hard work of many professionals and subject matter experts. The following people generated lists of verbs in their fields of expertise. 

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Nicole Speranza Assorted Groups

Betsy Blakeslee Assorted Groups

David Schuricht Assorted Groups

Mark Shechner Assorted Groups

Amy Gallagher Assorted Groups

Elana Fiske Assorted Groups

Walter Janik Physical Actions & Labor

Jan Cook Health & Illness, Airplanes, Teamwork & Negotiation

Rachel Eryn Kalish Feeling, Teamwork & Negotiation

Chris Hawley Communities & Diversity

Tom Croen Making or Repairing a Musical Instrument, Rowing a Boat

Jean Barnhardt Boats & Ships, What Architects Do

Paul Barnhardt What Architects Do

Anne Sofarelli Home & Family, Money & Business

Jef Desbecker Sports, Weather & Seasons

John Sofarelli Money & Business, Skills of a Tradesman

Susan Calico Computers & Electronics

Anthony Basinger Styling Hair & Hair Integration

Mike Andrle Astronomy & Space, Airplanes

Brandon Datwyler Computers & Electronics

Bill English Wine-Making & Brewing

Claire Desbecker Arts

Ray Recht Film & Theater

Judy Feins Things One Does With Paint

Ben Barnhardt Boats & Ships

Verona Fonte Food & Smell, Human Misuse of the Environment & its Consequences

Azure Gallagher Michalak Gaming

Andrew Gordon Assorted Groups

Emily Truesdell Chemistry

Edie Hartshorne Etching & Metalwork, Arts

Joe Wachowski Photography, Creating Film & Theater

Brian Walker Recording & Manipulating Sound

Richard Speiglman Celebrating Religious Holidays, Scrutiny,Bodily Danger

Michael Nicolás Okińczyc Communities & Diversity

Ruth Rosen What Wind Instrumentalists Do

JJ Sofarelli What Carpenters & Woodworkers Do

Joe Gambino What Firefighters Do

Matthew Rizzo What a Financial Planner Does